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Charlotte Tilbury Review

I’m trying to be good guys! At least I’m trying to upload once a week. 😀

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Affordable Kawaii Stuff On Aliexpress!

Have you guys ever shopped at Aliexpress?? I’ve been obsessed with that site recently and I wanted to share with you some tips when buying from Aliexpress. They have TONS of kawaii/cute stuff on there and you just need the right words to find them on. Just check out my video!


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Wishtrend Review: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream)

Gosh it seems like I just do reviews all the time huh?! LOL! Sorries, I just need some catching up to do with all these Wishtrend products that I bought.

So let’s get right to it!

Here’s how it comes, looks like a toothpaste tube.
 photo P1080215_zpsmz8ycmml.jpg

Here’s some on my hand. I find it best to warm it up on the back of my hand before putting it on.
 photo P1080217_zpsm0mfzaql.jpg

And I use this to apply on my face. Bought it off on amazon!
 photo P1080216_zpshgwdrmgf.jpg

Okay, so here’s my bare face! AHH!
 photo P1080214_zpsxtfqe83t.jpg

 photo P1080218edit_zpspugaynqa.jpg

 photo P1080219_zpshdow0pyj.jpg

 photo P1080221_zpstlanczei.jpg

Then extra concealer to apply on the pimples that I’m trying to rid of.
 photo P1080222_zpsjqpo3gy2.jpg

One of my favorite lashes:
 photo P1080223_zpstkyl1f4m.jpg

And I just bought this, again, on amazon:
 photo P1080225_zpsbrqnouz6.jpg

Finished look!
 photo P1080226_zpsmxy2coow.jpg

 photo P1080234_zpsv0zmrs1f.jpg

My thoughts:
It’s a great BB cream. It does what it should do. It’s very light coverage and can wear throughout the day. It does give me a whitish cast on my face, like most BB creams do to my face. It covers my pores pretty good. But then does another kind of BB cream.

Would I repurchase?? Probably not.

But it’s still very popular and lots of people find that it helps them a lot. You can still try it out yourself if you’d like. They are having a sale right now too.

Have fun!



Wishtrend Review: Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum (Sponsored)

Well I think I gave this enough time. A review of a BEFORE and AFTER of using the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum!
Wishtrend was nice enough to send me a bottle to review and I’m so sorry it took so long!

 photo P1080209_zpszbumjrcs.jpg

See how it’s almost empty?! I used this every night before putting on my moisturizer.
 photo P1080212_zps3mzssk6r.jpg

Comparison of how much is left on my C20 Serum. I haven’t touched this since the C21.5
 photo P1080213_zpstjq4mtkm.jpg

I changed it up a bit. I used the C20 Serum day and night before putting on moisturizer. But for the C21.5, I wanted it to last longer, I used it only at night with only one squeeze from the whole dropper.

Here were my BEFORE using the Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum. And these were just about a week and a half when using the C20 Serum.
 photo Untitled_zpswlpis9kj.png

And now for my final results.
 photo P1080206_zpslgspkirn.jpg

OMG. Do you guys see a difference?!!? Well, since it’s my nose I see a difference. Hehehe. I did not alter these pictures whatsoever.

C20 vs. C21.5

C20 has a slight orange smell to it. Stings a bit on certain places on my skin when I feel a pimple about to emerge. Sticky when drying. The sides of my nails turn a little orange when not washed right away. Still works and does it’s purpose. Lightens the skin a bit.

C21.5 has no smell at all. Lighter colored than C20. Still has the slight sting like the C20. Does not feel sticky at all and no orange on my nails. Works for me!!! Lightens the skin a bit.

Would I purchase it?
Heck yes! Well I bought the C20 last year and I still have one more bottle. Will finish and continue to use the C21.5 due to it not being so sticky.

To purchase:
 photo 63a51660_zpszgzgm42u.jpg

And for only the month of April, you can use a 10% off Discount code!
Coupon Code: WISHAPR2015
Requirement 1: Shopping cart order must be $55 USD and over to be able to use the 10% off coupon
Requirement 2: Coupon code cannot be combined with any other discount or voucher code.
Only valid until the end of APRIL 2015

And not only the 10% off, there’s a free gift! [ELISHACOY] Vitamin & Collagen Mask Sheet!

 photo vitamin-collagen-mask-sheet-elishacoy_zpszngqlcn2.jpg
The Free Gift Voucher is valid on ANY ORDER at Wishtrend!
Voucher Code: WISHGIFTAPR2015
Until the end of APRIL 2015

And since I’m in such a giving mood, how about $5 to use at Wishtrend??
Just simply use the code: 17408011
Or simply click on this link and register at Wishtrend! ~> Click away to great skin!
This gives us $5 each! Sharing is caring right?!

Doesn’t all this sound great?? Lemme know if you would love to be affiliated with Wishtrend! They have great products and Browyn is such a sweetie. Thanks to her, she has sent me this to review for you guys.

Good luck guys! Hope this helps you to your journey to great skin!


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Wishtrend Review: [COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch

Okay, for those who have followed me in the past, I made an old post about removing pimples overnight. Well, turns out the Wishtrend has something a little more fancy than the Salonpas that I’ve been using for years.

Here’s my old post if you wanted to check it out:

Salonpas Patch

Now, I bought this with my own money and I AM affiliated with Wishtrend. I just love their products and I wanted to be a part of the team, not because I want to make a little money, but their products work and afforable! I’ve tried them. And who doesn’t want a little money from them? If interested in joining and making a little money yourself, here’s a link down below!

Wishtrend Affiliate Signup!

Okay, I hope this post doesn’t scare you away. But I’m being honest here. The pimple is taken on my left cheek. And I zoomed it up way close! Just to show how the Acne Pimple Master Patch works.

Front of the package:
 photo IMAG0779_zpshd54gnej.jpg

Back of the package:
 photo IMAG0780_zpsyabrfigo.jpg

Inside the package:
 photo IMAG0781_zpslnfyv0cw.jpg
Note: That’s all it comes in the package.

Now look at the fresh lookin pimple!
 photo IMAG0850_zpsppkpvshi.jpg

When I put one Patch on:
 photo IMAG0848_zpsqdr2mopg.jpg

Left it overnight and woke up to this:
 photo IMAG0849_zpsohlq5qdx.jpg
Can you see how LIGHTER IT GOT?!

This is it when I removed the Patch:
 photo IMAG0846_zpsfxxlsfnx.jpg

I felt that the pimple got softer and not so raised. And it doesn’t hurt as much to the touch. It works as good as the Salonpas I have. And when removing it, it feels as tho it was sucking the insides out of that pimple. I’ve tried some of the small ones on some small pimples that were ready to pop, like the white head was showing, the next day, it popped by itself and I just used a Q-Tip to wipe off any excess residue!

– Easy to apply.
– Affordable!
– Works.

– Took a LONG time to get.
– Very small patches come with package, better buy extras if needed!

Salonpas Vs. Acne Pimple Master Patch

Salonpas has a distinct smell like Vaseline. And it gives off a heat that really is for muscle aches and pains. But it works with pimples as I’ve discovered! You can cut off how big the pimple is to patch it on. Very affordable and you can get it nearby ASAP. It is white when you put on your face so it’ll be awkward if going out to public.

Acne Pimple Master Patch has no smell at all. It almost is clear to the skin but still noticeable. It only comes in a small package. Very affordable but will take a long time to get.

Will I purchase again?

Sure! I like having Salonpas and [COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch. Just to have a few varieties in my drawer. You never know when that darn pimple can come up out of no where!!!

To purchase:
 photo acne-pimple-master-patch-cosrx_zpsqe2bv7sl.jpg

Good luck guys! Lemme know if you tried it out or thinking about it!


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WISHTREND Review! C 20 Vitamin Serum and Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack – Make Pores Smaller & Lighten Your Skin

Hi all!!! Here’s an honest review of my new Wishtrend products! First things first, this was not a sponsored review, it was bought by my own money. ^^

Wishtrend is based in South Korea and they provide Korean products. I accidentally found them out on a Youtube channel featuring BiiBiiBeauty. She does make up tutorials, reviews and lives in South Korea! She’s very sweet and I have emailed her about Wishtrend a few times! Check her out if you have time!

Anyways, back to the review… I have here Skinmiso Pore Nose Pack & OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

 photo P1080191_zpsyxvecbwf.jpg

As soon as the packaged arrived it was all wrapped in bubble wrap which took awhile to open everything. But I appreciate that because at least you know it’s wrapped all safe. (There were more products that I bought but that’s for a later review 😉

 photo IMAG0518_zpsrrbfefm9.jpg

I started using OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum on 1/13/15 – 1/24/15. I use the Vitamin C 20 twice a day everyday. I use two whole-tube droppers on my face and neck. It lasts for a week and a half when I use it that way. I might have to just cut down the use of it to save a bit more throughout the month. It smells just like oranges. And I’ve noticed if you have some pimples or acne, those areas tend to sting a bit. But I kinda like that feeling as it feels like it’s killing the pimple! Which it does! I’ve noticed my pores getting smaller! It feels like it’s tightening once put on. The BIGGEST downfall I’ve experienced while using this is that your skin/face feels sticky after. AND my hands got dry when using this everyday. So moisturize your hands right after and you’ll be good. Wishtrend came up with a new Vitamin C Serum which is called Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum. I have not tried this and they say it does not feel sticky right after. The only reason I have not bought this one is that I bought the C20 last year when they had a special promo going on near New Years. So feel free to try it if you want! I will once I’m done with my C 20.

Here’s a few pics of the product:

 photo P1080196_zpsomkjwgsc.jpg

This is what it looks like when it’s new:
 photo P1080197_zpsttzthsyj.jpg

 photo P1080198_zpsjvsnxvaj.jpg

 photo P1080195_zpsutyfw3kt.jpg

If you’re interested in buying C20:

Now for the Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack. This looks like Biore pore strips if you’ve used them in the past, but Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack is much much MUCH MORE GENTLER. Only con is that it’s longer to do, but I love the feeling after using the Nose Pack.

So I bought this again on a promo sale last year and I bought two 10-week packs. So far I’ve only used this product 3 times, once a week.

 photo P1080192_zpswyda2wqz.jpg

The pink numbers represent in order on how I use them.

1.) That actually gets the blackheads above the skin so it can be easily removed with the comedo remover. Leave this on for 10 mins.

2.) Remove the strip after 10 mins and “scrape” off the blackheads gently off the skin/nose area. I use my comedo remover tool.

3.) I then wash off anything else off my skin/nose area, pat dry with a towel and use the #2 strip. This really feels awesome on my skin after it being “scraped” from blackheads. It feels like a really cooling sensation! Leave it on for 10 mins.

4.) *This is optional if you have the C20 serum or C21.5 serum, but I put this all over my face before the Pore Beauty Silky Essence.

5.) Put the Pore Beauty Silky Essence over the pores. This seals the pores and delays anymore blackheads from forming.

 photo P1080194_zpsbzvcbrik.jpg

 photo P1080193_zpsqsdtbvch.jpg

This is my pore regimen at this time because I feel it works best! I’ve only been doing this regimen for one and a half weeks and I couldn’t wait to show you guys how it has changed my skin! It’s a small change but I feel that if I keep this up, my pores will be even smaller!

To purchase this product:

Now finally pictures. These pictures were not altered in anyway but the dates and sequence it has to be put in. I felt that it did minimize my pores and lighten my skin. With continued use, I feel there will be better results.

Try not to focus too much on my acne/pimple scars.
 photo All three dates_zpsamsuvnsa.jpg

Left side:
It has gotten lighter.
 photo All three dates_zpsqv3wd8xz.jpg

Right side:
 photo All three dates_zpsoljsd3o9.jpg

I will do another update in the future but so far these are my results! Hope I didn’t scare you away! 😛



Spreepicky In Depth Review

Hi all! I wanted to do an in depth review of my purchase with Spreepicky!

 photo logo_zpsiqrkis7t.png

First, I want to introduce you Sweetie Rose Thickening Sweater Dress
 photo P1080098_zpsd588e795.jpg
 photo P1080097_zps2e0b33eb.jpg
 photo P1080104_zps2f546b65.jpg

I love how this sweater is a dress because you can pair it with some thigh highs or stockings or even leggings! It can have various looks if you just get creative with it. The only downside I don’t like is that it’s very wooly and it can come off the sweater. I’m really wondering how to wash this. It may be separate from other clothes or by hand. But it is really comfy and stretchy. The shoulders are see-through and lacey which gives it such a girly touch. Reminds me of the Liz Lisa brand.

 photo P1080100_zps992076d8.jpg
 photo P1080102_zpsc7de9532.jpg
 photo P1080105_zps1971b084.jpg
 photo P1080106_zps0cc43185.jpg
 photo P1080109_zpsb6dcc706.jpg
 photo P1080116_zps0ac6e0d4.jpg
 photo P1080110_zps17f3911e.jpg
 photo P1080112_zpsd0820734.jpg
 photo P1080113_zpsf3ecff75.jpg
 photo P1080115_zpsd0e64cfb.jpg

The next purchase I bought is Lovely Donut hoodie Jumper Treats
 photo P1080123_zpsfaac33fa.jpg
 photo P1080133_zpsbb582f21.jpg
 photo P1080130_zps0cfe1570.jpg
 photo P1080132_zps3021764f.jpg

What I love about this sweater is that it gives you that cuteness look! And like the Sweetie Rose Thickening Sweater Dress, this one can be paired with many things as well!!! I love the quality and the warmth this brings. Just… just.. too much kawaii! Any cons about this product would probably be the price. But other than that, I think it’s worth it if you want to add more kawaii to your closet.

 photo P1080120_zps43d413d6.jpg
 photo P1080121_zps8f100d5b.jpg
 photo P1080122_zps9f281659.jpg
 photo P1080135_zpsdcc6fecd.jpg
 photo P1080136_zps35cc39e1.jpg
 photo P1080137_zps58df5ac9.jpg
 photo P1080138_zpsc8bf5746.jpg
 photo P1080141_zps40d480c4.jpg
 photo P1080142_zps334ab84b.jpg
 photo P1080143_zps5cb4a13a.jpg
 photo P1080144_zps27f5cefe.jpg
 photo P1080145_zpsc8a625bf.jpg
 photo P1080146_zps3a5ccfc0.jpg

This last one is Pastel Galaxy Stars Loose Long Jumper Top
 photo P1080156_zpseb1194b0.jpg
 photo P1080152_zps30e0d6b8.jpg
 photo P1080149_zps152c44e9.jpg
 photo P1080148_zpsd2d49acd.jpg
 photo P1080150_zpsc6a999c6.jpg

This sweater is sooo cute with it’s pastel colors of the galaxy! I love the design of this and again, like the other two sweaters this can be paired with many clothes as well. The only biggest con for this product is that it is not very stretchy. So just keep that in mind if you want this sweater. It really is not stretchy at all. It fits size small or petite.

 photo P1080151_zpsb11e0403.jpg
 photo P1080153_zpsc986c370.jpg
 photo P1080154_zps5de84333.jpg
 photo P1080155_zps3c22a27e.jpg
 photo P1080157_zps9810ef36.jpg
 photo P1080158_zps08890459.jpg
 photo P1080159_zps8f14d0ad.jpg
 photo P1080160_zps07ae64cf.jpg
 photo P1080162_zps51e36d82.jpg
 photo P1080163_zpsa4598247.jpg
 photo P1080164_zps5b68a0e3.jpg
 photo P1080165_zps5c6a9947.jpg
 photo P1080166_zpsa7c9bb8a.jpg
 photo P1080167_zps586b07e2.jpg
 photo P1080168_zps5d135202.jpg
 photo P1080169_zps6060dbb4.jpg
 photo P1080171_zps883caec9.jpg
 photo P1080173_zps7c8f3d3f.jpg
 photo P1080174_zps268200c1.jpg
 photo P1080175_zps757e18c0.jpg
 photo P1080170_zps372cce69.jpg

Sorry I kinda got carried away with my selfies. But I was super happy with my purchases!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!

Would I recommend Spreepicky?

How’s the service?
~Great! They always keep in contact with your order.

How fast do they email back?
~Pretty fast, usually 1-2 days tops.

Quality of the clothes?
~The ones I bought, very nice quality.

Worth the purchase?
~Yup! Save your money!!! I’d rather buy stuff here than the mall at times!

Sponsored post?
~Nope! All bought by me!

 photo logo_zpsiqrkis7t.png