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Life Update + Christmas Haul

Hi guys!!! I’ll try to update more this year! Last year was all about wedding planning and working so much!

❤ chibi

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Affordable Kawaii Stuff On Aliexpress!

Have you guys ever shopped at Aliexpress?? I’ve been obsessed with that site recently and I wanted to share with you some tips when buying from Aliexpress. They have TONS of kawaii/cute stuff on there and you just need the right words to find them on. Just check out my video!


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☆Liz Lisa Summer 2015 Lucky Bag Unboxing☆

It has been awhile since I posted anything on Youtube! So here goes… my very first lucky bag from Liz Lisa!!! It’s the Summer 2015 version from Tokyo Otaku Mode. As of today, it is still on sale! So grab it if you can if you are a HUGE LIZ LISA FAN!

As you can see I was out of breath most of the time cuz I was just super excited that I finally have one of their lucky bags! I’m so using it as a carry on when I go to Cancun this September for my bachelorette party!

Hope you enjoyed the video!



Jamberry First Impression!

I first saw Jamberry on facebook where I had a friend sell them. They looked super cute on pictures.

Here’s my first time trying them out:
 photo IMAG0814_1_zpsntouzspd.jpg

Cute right?! And I didn’t use any nail polish!

What Jamberry is, is that it’s a sticky press-on nail design. Using heat, it’ll stick to your nail and it lasts really long like gel-like nails. Now, you can do your own manicure and stick this baby on your nails! I was pretty impressed with this.

Here’s a video on youtube on how to put them on:

Here’s what I used:
Of course you need to order some Jamberry nails
 photo IMAG0809_zpsduqcxscr.jpg

 photo IMAG0810_zpseje7ul5c.jpg

My materials I used around the house:
-I forgot to take a pic of some scissors. So you will need that too.
 photo IMAG0811_zpspb0hxcwe.jpg

Here are my natural nails:
 photo IMAG0808_zpsclwusvi7.jpg

And the finished product of my right hand!!!
 photo IMAG0812_zpsputh2ap8.jpg

And my left hand:
 photo IMAG0813_zps9ffzexc8.jpg

– Very easy to get the hang of, must need practice though.
– No nail polish smell.
– Very cute design that does not take hours to do!
– Took me about 45 minutes on my first try doing this for both hands!
– No drying time!!!

– Hard to remove some bubbles underneath once put on, but like I said, there’s some needed practice to remove the bubbles off underneath.

Now, as a nurse, I find this really handy since we are not allowed to have cracked, chipped nail polish on our hands. And I can’t afford lots of time to remove and put gel nails again and again. Not while I’m put on call and such. So I’m hoping these can last long for me. I’ll be washing my hands a lot during work and I’ll update this post once I see a little wear and tear on these nails. But for now, I’m pretty excited about how they look!!!

If interested just go here:

Let me know if you are trying them out! Good luck!


Ok so in ONE WEEK… these are my jamberry nails:
 photo IMAG0839_zpsolcmv5ou.jpg

 photo IMAG0840_zpsowjgtbio.jpg

As you can see, I had to remove them in ONE week due to them coming off already 😦

They get caught on my long hair and I couldn’t stand it when I shampooed my hair.

BUT! I will not give up yet. Jammin’ With KeLeigh has given me hope that I probably have a “DOME SHAPED” nail shape. And that I’d have to use the Baseball method. Which is right here:

And she was sweet enough to send me a free sample of more Jamberry nails!!!! So check out the expert on these nails if you want to try some out! Just contact her! So, until then, I will try try again!



Spreepicky In Depth Review

Hi all! I wanted to do an in depth review of my purchase with Spreepicky!

 photo logo_zpsiqrkis7t.png

First, I want to introduce you Sweetie Rose Thickening Sweater Dress
 photo P1080098_zpsd588e795.jpg
 photo P1080097_zps2e0b33eb.jpg
 photo P1080104_zps2f546b65.jpg

I love how this sweater is a dress because you can pair it with some thigh highs or stockings or even leggings! It can have various looks if you just get creative with it. The only downside I don’t like is that it’s very wooly and it can come off the sweater. I’m really wondering how to wash this. It may be separate from other clothes or by hand. But it is really comfy and stretchy. The shoulders are see-through and lacey which gives it such a girly touch. Reminds me of the Liz Lisa brand.

 photo P1080100_zps992076d8.jpg
 photo P1080102_zpsc7de9532.jpg
 photo P1080105_zps1971b084.jpg
 photo P1080106_zps0cc43185.jpg
 photo P1080109_zpsb6dcc706.jpg
 photo P1080116_zps0ac6e0d4.jpg
 photo P1080110_zps17f3911e.jpg
 photo P1080112_zpsd0820734.jpg
 photo P1080113_zpsf3ecff75.jpg
 photo P1080115_zpsd0e64cfb.jpg

The next purchase I bought is Lovely Donut hoodie Jumper Treats
 photo P1080123_zpsfaac33fa.jpg
 photo P1080133_zpsbb582f21.jpg
 photo P1080130_zps0cfe1570.jpg
 photo P1080132_zps3021764f.jpg

What I love about this sweater is that it gives you that cuteness look! And like the Sweetie Rose Thickening Sweater Dress, this one can be paired with many things as well!!! I love the quality and the warmth this brings. Just… just.. too much kawaii! Any cons about this product would probably be the price. But other than that, I think it’s worth it if you want to add more kawaii to your closet.

 photo P1080120_zps43d413d6.jpg
 photo P1080121_zps8f100d5b.jpg
 photo P1080122_zps9f281659.jpg
 photo P1080135_zpsdcc6fecd.jpg
 photo P1080136_zps35cc39e1.jpg
 photo P1080137_zps58df5ac9.jpg
 photo P1080138_zpsc8bf5746.jpg
 photo P1080141_zps40d480c4.jpg
 photo P1080142_zps334ab84b.jpg
 photo P1080143_zps5cb4a13a.jpg
 photo P1080144_zps27f5cefe.jpg
 photo P1080145_zpsc8a625bf.jpg
 photo P1080146_zps3a5ccfc0.jpg

This last one is Pastel Galaxy Stars Loose Long Jumper Top
 photo P1080156_zpseb1194b0.jpg
 photo P1080152_zps30e0d6b8.jpg
 photo P1080149_zps152c44e9.jpg
 photo P1080148_zpsd2d49acd.jpg
 photo P1080150_zpsc6a999c6.jpg

This sweater is sooo cute with it’s pastel colors of the galaxy! I love the design of this and again, like the other two sweaters this can be paired with many clothes as well. The only biggest con for this product is that it is not very stretchy. So just keep that in mind if you want this sweater. It really is not stretchy at all. It fits size small or petite.

 photo P1080151_zpsb11e0403.jpg
 photo P1080153_zpsc986c370.jpg
 photo P1080154_zps5de84333.jpg
 photo P1080155_zps3c22a27e.jpg
 photo P1080157_zps9810ef36.jpg
 photo P1080158_zps08890459.jpg
 photo P1080159_zps8f14d0ad.jpg
 photo P1080160_zps07ae64cf.jpg
 photo P1080162_zps51e36d82.jpg
 photo P1080163_zpsa4598247.jpg
 photo P1080164_zps5b68a0e3.jpg
 photo P1080165_zps5c6a9947.jpg
 photo P1080166_zpsa7c9bb8a.jpg
 photo P1080167_zps586b07e2.jpg
 photo P1080168_zps5d135202.jpg
 photo P1080169_zps6060dbb4.jpg
 photo P1080171_zps883caec9.jpg
 photo P1080173_zps7c8f3d3f.jpg
 photo P1080174_zps268200c1.jpg
 photo P1080175_zps757e18c0.jpg
 photo P1080170_zps372cce69.jpg

Sorry I kinda got carried away with my selfies. But I was super happy with my purchases!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!

Would I recommend Spreepicky?

How’s the service?
~Great! They always keep in contact with your order.

How fast do they email back?
~Pretty fast, usually 1-2 days tops.

Quality of the clothes?
~The ones I bought, very nice quality.

Worth the purchase?
~Yup! Save your money!!! I’d rather buy stuff here than the mall at times!

Sponsored post?
~Nope! All bought by me!

 photo logo_zpsiqrkis7t.png


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PRESENTS 2014 + Spreepicky Review!

Hi again! I hope everyone is having a great time during the holidays! I know I did!!! I actually did a surprise visit to Las Vegas, NV to see my mom. 😀 Buuut that’s another story… Here’s some presents I bought for myself and everyone else! Oh and presents that were bought for me as well ❤

First my gifts!!! o(〃^▽^〃)o

These boots cost: $34.68 FREE SHIPPING @
 photo P1080038_zps4bbcc8f4.jpg

 photo P1080055_zpsf73de45c.jpg

 photo P1080056_zps61790740.jpg
Pros: Freaking cute boots! Almost like a Liz Lisa replica of some sort.
Cons: Feels really cheap, and you have to tie the whole thing together!!! But oh well, what do you expect for something pretty cheap… lol

Little Twin Stars I also got from aliexpress for: $ 7.83 FREE SHIPPING!
And the cute pink bow wedges I bought at aliexpress for: $ 40.63 FREE SHIPPING!
 photo P1080039_zpsd7efda77.jpg

 photo P1080063_zpsa080d07e.jpg
Both frekking adorable! And FREE SHIPPING?! Count me in!

These red and white heels I got for: $ 32.73 FREE SHIPPING @ aliexpress.
 photo P1080040_zps9b080ba4.jpg

See a trend here? Aliexpress man!!!

And these are random cute things I bought in Vegas at Tokyo Discount. I could not contain myself as they had lots of anime and Rilakkuma stuff!!!
 photo P1080041_zpsd9d0f713.jpg

 photo P1080064_zpsffb52352.jpg
Now all I need is the wig!!!

Phone covers for my HTC One M7 for: $9.99 each FREE SHIPPING @ aliexpress
 photo P1080065_zps722e4b36.jpg
 photo P1080069_zps9cc8f801.jpg
 photo P1080066_zps674a9a39.jpg
 photo P1080068_zps45d40264.jpg
 photo P1080067_zps1a689bda.jpg
>>> Pretty girl
>>> Attack on Titan

 photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif

Now for my SPREEPICKY REVIEW! Not sponsored and all purchased by me~ ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

 photo P1080042_zps3e78da4e.jpg
Packaging was very very cute! And they even gave me a free kawaii key chain!!!

I purchased this for: $36.79 @ Spreepicky

Pros: The material is sooo adorable! I love how it fits me just right for being “one-size”
Cons: It’s not too stretchy, which can be too tight for some other users.
 photo P1080043_zps0a168c5c.jpg
 photo P1080044_zpse6d9fe13.jpg photo P1080045_zps38bc1d70.jpg
 photo P1080046_zpse4cd0669.jpg
 photo 0befc840-d7b0-4d99-a889-459413faefa9_zps115edd57.jpg
 photo P1080048_zps657f1b02.jpg
 photo P1080049_zps2f85fb99.jpg

I also purchased this @ Spreepicky for: $43.19

Pros: This is such a cute buy for those who love Liz Lisa brand! It’s pretty warm and the material is stretchy!
Cons: The price. But it looks like something out of Liz Lisa that’s kinda worth that money.
 photo P1080051_zpsf6404a1b.jpg
 photo P1080052_zpsae90d843.jpg
 photo P1080053_zps020bf196.jpg
 photo P1080054_zps3e3e6df0.jpg
 photo P1080057_zps4e4eae54.jpg

I purchased this @ Spreepicky for: $28.79

Pros: Can I say it’s cute again?! Pastel colored galaxy print, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!
Cons: There really isn’t much leeway for “stretchiness” in this material. So, it may be hard for some to fit this.
 photo P1080058_zps3e34324b.jpg
 photo P1080059_zps4305ec27.jpg
 photo P1080060_zps80115015.jpg
 photo P1080061_zps00a64f63.jpg
 photo P1080062_zpsc7415a56.jpg

 photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif

Now to gifts that were given to me and gifts that I gave!! \(○^ω^○)/

One of my best friends bought me this Hello Kitty purse!!
 photo P1080070_zps863cc06a.jpg
 photo P1080071_zps6824d603.jpg

And another got me Hot Topic shirts I believe haha!
 photo P1080072_zps2e7f18ed.jpg

And, since some people back at home did not think I was coming to Vegas, I hardly got presents right then and there. LOL they said they would send it. Hm.. We will see… But anyways I had fun giving my presents!! So here’s a BIG LIST! (I did my black friday shopping for all this!)

 photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif photo tumblr_lsznmtd08v1ql1l0v_zpsnk1jdal8.gif
H & M: $124.83 » clothes for the kids who have too much toys!

Think Geek: $40.53 » My sister and friend’s husband.
For my sister: Level Up Mug

 photo 1ceb_level_up_pipe_mug_zps891a2fdb.jpg
For that friend’s husband: Portable USB battery pack
 photo 192a_rescue_portable_usb_battery_pack_7000_zps1abc1000.jpg

Pyramid Collection: $112.85 » for the moms. My mom loves astrology and things of that nature so it was easy to buy something from there.

Guess bags: $89.60 + $42.50 » for sister in law and step mother.
Step mom:  photo download_zps11f449c5.png
Sister in law:  photo download1_zpse7b60987.png

Michael gift card: $30.00 » for another sister in law, for that crafty person in your life

Beardo: $38.90 for my brother, he has such a baby face, maybe giving him a beard for x-mas would keep him warm lol
 photo beard_hat_gray_1024x1024_zpse6127f2c.jpg

Ulta: $57.81 » for friends and sister in law

Sephora: $79.78 » for friends

August Steiner watch on amazon: $44.99 » for brother in law  photo 91SLVYWC99L_UY679__zps40533f7c.jpg

Invicta watch on amazon: $77.68 » for dad

 photo Untitled_zps7331f016.png

Heart shaped jewelry necklace on amazon: $29.99 » for my little cousin  photo Untitled_zps95c02fde.png

Under Armour sweater: $35.00 » for another friend’s husband

Mystere tickets: $223.26 » most expensive, gift for mother in law and father in law.

TOTAL: $ 1,040.50

And save the best for last… present for my hubby and I.
Samsung 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 photo Untitled_zps16f185b7.png

Complete with Speakers » Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System
 photo Untitled_zpsb09df683.png

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now back to work… lol ( ̄□ ̄;)

Hope everyone did their Christmas shopping well!



Cute Kawaii Slouched Bow Bag

Hi there! First of all I wanted to say that I bought this bag with my own money and this was not at all sponsored… With that said, here’s my review!

 photo 2014-10-02_164309_zpsca0791f3.jpg

I bought this at Cute Kawaii store.

Here are some closeups of the bag with my glasses ^^
 photo IMAG0252_zps53e6344b.jpg

 photo IMAG0253_zps455e271d.jpg

 photo IMAG0254_zpsc75e9e9a.jpg

The very front pocket with the lace does not open out. Just on the sides where I just placed my glasses.

 photo IMAG0255_zps459bf426.jpg

This is what the inside looks like. I love the fact that it has some pockets on the inside for my phone, ipod, or whatever that is needed.
 photo IMAG0256_zps1710c495.jpg

This shows how much a small book fits.
 photo IMAG0257_zps663100bc.jpg

Easily adjust the straps to your liking.
 photo IMAG0258_zps96446dd9.jpg

Small back pocket in the back.
 photo IMAG0259_zps363f4341.jpg

Hope you like this small review!!!
 photo IMAG0260_zps9217b2c8.jpg

If you plan on buying anything from their store, don’t forget to use “rubieslife” for 10% off!!!
Cute Kawaii Store!