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Etude House Waterproof 10 Eye Shadow Primer Review

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I’m so excited to review this primer with you guys!!!

 photo P1080314_zpswnk36ra1.jpg

 photo P1080315_zpsiihkncrc.jpg

 photo P1080316_zpsvmqshxsl.jpg

 photo P1080317_zpsev0q7z9n.jpg

So first things first. I have OILY skin! And it’s pretty hard for me to find a primer that will truly work for me. And yes, I have tried the hyped out Urban Decay Primer Potion. I sadly had to part with it and gave it to my cousin because I had such a bad allergic reaction to it my lids got red and itchy. Took awhile to heal that away. I then tried hypoallergenic primers in Sephora that were highly recommended from the girls who work there. I used a small sample here and there and I’d have a crease at the end of the day due to me being oily…

But then, I wanted to try the Etude House Waterproof 10 Eye Shadow Primer.


Just today I wanted to test it out. And I AM STILL WEARING IT WITHOUT CREASES OR SMUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put it on my top lids and the bottom portion of my eyes. Then I used some heavy makeup from my Naked 2 Palette. And I just can’t believe how long it has stayed!!!!! Like, wow… this is going to be my go-to primer. I have no allergic reactions yet. But I’m just hoping it stays like that!!!

Here are a few closeups of the makeup just after about 6 hours of wear!

Natural light:
 photo P1080319_zpsbkc9y7oe.jpg
 photo P1080325_zpsdiw2hdrg.jpg

Indoor light:
 photo P1080321_zpsk3neycn5.jpg
 photo P1080320_zpsjnv4se0o.jpg

With Flash:
You can see how oily I get already around the eyes
 photo P1080322_zpscpjxzdzj.jpg
 photo P1080323_zpsuwhu8bzz.jpg

Indoor light/Natural light:
 photo P1080330_zpsxxoqfcbe.jpg

With Flash:
See my oily skin??? But I LOVE MY EYES!
 photo P1080328_zpsmij9mtql.jpg

Overall thoughts?
Uhhm BIG YES I would definitely buy again!!!! Plus it is cheap and affordable on amazon!!! Oh this was not sponsored fyi.

And here’s a few pics of me being vain with my camera. I was just so happy with my purchase! No creases… So happy you don’t even know!! ^_^

 photo P1080331_zpshdhsrf9d.jpg

 photo P1080332_zpsgn42woj7.jpg

 photo P1080341_zpsc4afiw3n.jpg

 photo P1080342_zpsab0qxiqp.jpg

 photo P1080343_zps050ftv0i.jpg

 photo P1080344_zpssjtbwh8t.jpg

 photo P1080345_zpsl5cilz2x.jpg

 photo P1080346_zpsnio0xjz7.jpg

What are your favorite primers?


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